The Gasright JA7 is an user friendly gas interlock designed for catering industry and laboratorium.

In May 2001 British Standard 6173:2001 was introduced. This British Standard specifies the installation requirements for gas fired appliances used in catering establishments.

"The Gas supply system shall be interlocked with any mechanical ventilation supply or extract system, and this will normally require the fitting of an automatic electric isolation valve." - section 10.1

"Whenever an electric isolation valve system is used, an automatic system for proving that all downstream gas supplies to the burners and pilots have been turned off shall be employed prior to the valve being energized to re-open." - section 6.1.3

This means in effect,that when any fumes are not being sufficiently extracted the gas supply is switched off automatically and can not be turned on again unless all appliances are switched off.

Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG