JA7 Operation Manual

After switching on by pressing “Start
If adequate airflow is there
Solenoid will open gas supply valve until
Display will show
proving in

Pressure will be monitored for set time ( 10 - 90 sec. depending on the size of system )
If pressure has been maintained over this test period, this indicates the system is gas-tight and the solenoid will reopen the main valve
Display will show

If pressure as dropped main valve will stay closed
Display will show
Gas leak
close open
Audio alarm signal will
Sound every 3 sec.

Leak is cause most likely by open appliance valve.
Close open appliance valve and repress “start” button

If air flow is low, the  “JA7” will reset fan speed to maximum speed
Display will show
fan Speed
If air flow is still too low Alarm will be activated
Display will show
air flow
too low
Audio alarm signal will sound, if no remedial action is taken , main solenoid valve will shut down the gas supply after 10 minutes.
Diplay will show
Gas supply
Valve closed
Air flow too
(  Press “Stop” and “Start” again to reset after problem has been rectified. )

Air-flow-sensor self test

If the air-sensor fails, the unit will give every 10min. a “beeb”  when interlock is switched off.
Display will show:
air sensor
Not working
The unit will not operate safely if sensor fails
Gas engineer should be requested to repair/replace air flow sensor.

To force solenoid open Press and hold “start” and “stop” simultaneously for
5 seconds and release “stop” and then “start”.
Only to be done by authorised person.
Display will show
Valve forced
While gas valve is “Forced open” an audio signal (a “peep”) every 10 seconds will sound to alert user to the fact the system is bypassed.

If this does not restores the gas supply the manual bypass valve can be opened by means of the handle (supplied but not mounted on the valve).
Only to be done by authorised person.
No display or signal will identify this situation!

Gas engineer should be requested to repair Interlock System.

Technifix has designed the Gasright JA7, please feel free to contact us for more information.